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Benefits for couples trying to conceive

The concern, frustration, apprehension and anticipation sometimes experienced when trying to conceive can affect the production of vital hormones, impair digestion, metabolism and mental function, weakening the immune system and interfere with healthy endocrine function, so we work hard to treat our patient emotionally as well as physically.

We offer bespoke treatments using homeopathy, reflexology, osteopathy and massage either together or in isolation, to support our patients individual needs focussing on:
  • Hormone production and regulation
  • Regulating cycles - absent, irregular and heavy periods
  • Optimal capacity for ovulation
  • Circulation and lymphatic drainage to pelvic cavity and reproductive organs
  • Conception and support foetal growth

    Our treatments are also suitable for patients receiving IVF or other fertility treatments such as Clomid, IUI or ICSI, working to further supporting the changes in the body stimulated by the medication. Click here for more testimonials & reviews

  • Fertility reflexology

    Working together with patients, treatments target areas of hormonal and physical imbalance using specific massage to the feet and ankles as specifics times of their cycle. A recent study showed 50% of women successfully conceived after an average of 11 weekly sessions

    Fertility treatments. fertility review

    Fertility massage & osteopathy

    The unique fertility massage offered in our practice uses a combination of principles and techniques based in osteopathy, acupressure, shiatsu and Arvigo massage supporting:

  • Proper reproductive, digestive and neural function
  • Uterine position to accommodate proper menstruation and pregnancy
  • Circulation and lymphatic drainage to pelvic cavity and reproductive organs
  • Adhesions and scar tissue, reducing and removing associated tension, restriction and residual effects in the body

    Emotional healing often accompanies physical recovery and it is not uncommon for the treatment to gently stimulate the release of negative suppressed emotions retained within the body. Clients who have experienced or witnessed abuse, suffered miscarriage, stillbirth or had a termination often find the massage extremely helpful.

    Fertility massage lasts an hour during which time, techniques are applied to the tummy from the ribs to the pubic bone and the lower back. Patients remain fully clothed, exposing the required area of the abdomen and back. Leggings and a loose top are perfect.

    A change in symptoms after the first session in common with most clients noticing a real difference after three treatments. Patients are provided with 'self help massage' to maintain the body and manage symptoms. Abdominal sacral massage is not suitable for clients during the first few days of menstruation, who fitted with a coil or are pregnant.
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