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Abdominal Sacral & Fertility massage. Uterine health

Abdominal-sacral massage

Abdominal sacral fertility and digestive massage is a combination therapy using techniques based on and inspired by ancient Mayan healing techniques, acupressure, shiatsu and Arvigo massage. The therapy is designed to restore the body to its natural physical and hormonal balance using massage to realign organs in the abdominal and pelvic cavity that have shifted, facilitating proper reproductive and digestive function, blood and and lymph flow to the effected areas as well as freeing nerve and energy blockages. Emotional healing often accompanies physical recovery and it is not uncommon for the treatment to gently stimulate the release of negative suppressed emotions retained within the body. Clients who have experienced or witnessed abuse, suffered miscarriage, stillbirth or had a termination often find the massage extremely helpful.

Clients are sent a consultation form to complete prior to their first treatment to outline areas to address and ensure the massage is suitable. Abdominal sacral massage lasts between an hour to an hour and a half during which time, I work the tummy from the ribs to the pubic bone and the lower back. Clients remain fully clothed, only exposing the required area of the abdomen and back. A change in symptoms after the first session in common with most clients noticing a real difference after three treatments. I provide my clients with 'self help massage' to maintain the body and manage symptoms.

Abdominal sacral massage is not suitable for clients during the first few days of menstruation, who fitted with a coil or are pregnant.

Abdominal Sacral & Fertility massage. Library Image: Pregnant Lady

Fertility and uterine health

A women's uterus is normally positioned leaning slightly forward, a little over the bladder, held in place by the vaginal wall, ligaments and muscles within the pelvis. These ligaments and muscles flex and move freely to accommodate pregnancy, a full bladder and bowel movements but when stress is put on the body, be that as a result of prolonged constipation, pregnancy or physical trauma, the ligaments and muscles holding the uterus in position can weaken and loosen resulting in a prolapsed or tilted uterus.

This misalignment can result in improper blood and lymph flow and disrupt nerve function, having a hugely negative impact on the body and it's ability to function 'normally'. The specific massage techniques applied with sacral fertility massage target the pelvic area and surrounding organs in order to; encourage and facilitate proper function including a health pregnancy and delivery, release toxins and restore nutrients needed for muscle and ligament tone to retain the correct uterine positioning. The massage is also especially helpful for women who have undergone invasive treatments to the abdomen and pelvic area such as C sections, fibroid tumour and appendix removal, as it targets old adhesions and scar tissue, reducing and removing its blockages and residual effects in the body. By stimulating blood flow and addressing associated emotional tension.

Digestive complaints

Digestive complaints such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation and other IBS type symptoms are often treated with medication to that address the symptoms as oppose to the cause. Sacral digestive massage techniques applied to the abdomen are used to stimulate blood flow to the gut, peristaltic action, encourage proper digestion function as well as loosening tight muscles and easing tension to the diaphragm. The massage helps to release and reduce imbalance and discomfort to the bowels and abdominal area, gently and effectively.

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