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Massage #01

Holistic massage

Considered by many as one of the oldest methods of healing, massage has been used for centuries to achieve harmony in the body. By using firm, soothing and specific techniques applied with the hands and forearms, massage effectively treats muscle adhesions, deep areas of tension and pain, as well as loose or flabby muscle and poor skin tone. To accommodate clients individual requirements and areas of preference, I offer massage as either a full body or back, neck and shoulders to allow for more focused work on typical areas of tension, as well as massage followed by reflexology for clients looking to address both physical and emotional imbalance. For pricing, please see my Fees.

Benefits of holistic massage

Stress reduction - by stimulating the body's' parasympathetic nervous system, massage induces deep relaxation, allowing the body and mind to relax more effectively. As a result, pain and discomfort from tight or over exerted muscles as well as many stress related illnesses and conditions such as insomnia, IBS or digestive complaints, can be successfully targeted with massage.
Recovery from injury or surgery - careful and precise massage can stimulate more rapid and effective muscle recovery post injury by drawing more nutrients such as glucose and oxygen to the affected area, improving muscle tone and breaking down muscle adhesions that may be impeding repair. Post surgery, massage can diminish the appearance of scars by improving skin tone and minimising the build up of scar tissue
Detoxification - massage stimulates the body's circulation helping to normalise blood pressure and boost lymphatic drainage, encouraging the body to rid itself of toxins. Water retention and pregnancy induced oedema can also often be successfully targeted with massage.

In a study conducted in 2011 comparing the benefits of adding massage to usual care for lower back pain, researchers report that massage improved pain symptoms and allowed patients to function better than those who didn’t get massage.

Massage #02

Pregnancy massage

I offer massage for ladies both during and after their pregnancy, using specifically designed techniques to address common ailments such as poor circulation, muscular tension, pelvic issues, swelling and stress. Massage can be offered either as a full body or back neck and shoulder massage and is performed with clients lying in a sideways position or semi reclined whilst supported with well positioned pillows and covered using towels. I use firm and soothing massage techniques to target stressed and tense areas of the body such as the legs, hips, lower back shoulders and neck and can happily offer bespoke massage to address any combination of areas including the abdomen feeling the strain of pregnancy. For full details and the benefits of pregnancy massage of pregnancy and postal massage, please see Maternity treatments

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