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Maternity treatments

The mixture of joy, exhilaration, nerves and stress and physical discomfort that so many women, experience during pregnancy can be difficult to manage alone. Fatigue, nausea, headaches, high blood pressure, discomfort, backache and other conditions associated with pregnancy, can detract from the amazing experience of creating and supporting a developing life. My bespoke maternity treatments provide the opportunity to feel refreshed, relaxed, less anxious and with an improved sense of wellbeing and level of energy to embrace and focus on your growing baby.

Maternity & postnatal treatments. bwpregnantreflex

Prenatal and labour induction reflexology

The most important developments in the womb take place in the early weeks of pregnancy. Providing your reflexologist knows you are pregnant, reflexology is a safe, gentle, non-invasive way to ease or remove the intensity of these demands, reducing stress on the body during this time. Prenatal reflexology is designed to promote and encourage the ideal environment for a growing baby and optimum health for expectant mothers. By providing you with the opportunity to relax, release anxiety or stress, feel refreshed, uplifted and more positive, reflexology could benefit you and your baby throughout your pregnancy. Water retention, swelling and inflammatory complaints such as Carpal tunnel are often relived using Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD). It has been suggested regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy can improve the chances of a shorter, less intense labour; recovery of mother and baby is quicker and both are calmer and more relaxed which enhances bonding and breastfeeding. Prices available on my Fees page.

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Pregnancy massage and the benefits

Even the most straightforward pregancy can take its toll on the body. Massage during pregnancy can be used to improve circulation and mobility, reduce swelling, relieve aches and pains, minimise stress and muscular tension during what can be a physically emotionally and physically demanding experience. Massage offers women the opportunity to relax, unwind and take the strain off their body while easing the pressures of pregnacy both emotionally and physically.

Stress reduction - by stimulating the body's' parasympathetic nervous system, massage induces deep relaxation, allowing the body and mind to relax more effectively. As a result, poor sleep, pain and discomfort from tight or over exerted muscles and postural change, can be successfully targeted with massage.
Circulation - massage stimulates the body's circulation helping to normalise blood pressure and boost lymphatic drainage, encouraging the body to rid itself of toxins and minimise water retention and pregnancy oedema. These particular complaints are also often very successfully targeted using Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD). The increased circulation also encourages optimal blood flow of nutrients, minerals and oxygen to the baby and the muscles around the body supporting and easing the mind and mobility hindered by stiff or aches muscles improved. Please see my Fees page for prices.

Maternity & postnatal treatments. TBpostsection

Postnatal treatments

Following the birth of a baby, the sudden changes in a new mother's hormone levels, emotions, sleep pattern, physical comfort, energy and stress levels can be overwhelming and prove a challenge for most women.

Postnatal massage Suitable for women who deliver vaginally after 48 hours and for those who deliver by C section, after 6 weeks. It can be used to accelerate healing in the body, reduce pain, swelling and minimise water retention by stimulating and encouraging proper lymphatic drainage and blood flow around the body. Careful and precise massage can stimulate more rapid and effective muscle recovery post delivery by drawing more nutrients such as glucose and oxygen to the affected area, improving muscle tone and breaking down muscle adhesions that may be impeding repair. By easing muscular tension, postnatal massage also helps spinal and pelvic realignment, areas often pushed out of their natural position during pregnancy and the poor posture it can create.Post surgery, massage can diminish the appearance of scars by improving skin tone and minimising the build up of scar tissue

Postnatal reflexologyTreatments encourage hormonal balance, a sense of calm, empowerment, peace, reduced stress and anxiety and improve sleep and energy levels. Women struggling with breast feeding or limited lactation may find reflexology particularly beneficial as problems in this area is largely associated with stress. During a treatment, mother and baby tend to be calmer and more relaxed which can enhance bonding and successful breastfeeding, facilitating a more rapid 'let down' for milk flow. Reflexology increases circulation and stimulates elimination which allowing wounds to heal more quickly and better facilitating the body's recovery. Clients experiencing constipation and other digestive issues that commanly occur after pregnancy also often benefit from reflexology treatments. Because Reflexology can be performed whilst your new baby is breast feeding, being held or sleeping nearby, there is no need for any separation. Treatments encourage hormone balance, a sense of calm, empowerment, peace, reduced stress and anxiety and improve sleep and energy levels. To discuss how reflexology could help you, please contact me on 07805 475074

Combatting postnatal depression

Postnatal depression or similar feelings of low energy, stress, overwhelming negative thought patterns and general ill feeling are experienced by so many women following childbirth. I regularly work with women who have given birth recently or in some cases up to 18 months ago, suffering with postnatal depressions or similar symptoms.

It is widely accepted hormone imbalance plays a huge part in all types of depression; research suggests these symptoms can often be aggravated and triggered by the thyroid and its over or under activity following pregnancy as well as low iron levels. Rebalancing the thyroid and entire endocrine system may have an extremely positive affect for women suffering with postnatal depression in adding to appropriate vitamin and nutritional support

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