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What we offer

Our principle health practitioner Emily is fully qualified, insured and registered homeopath osteopath, cranial osteopath, and reflexologist in Charing near Ashford Kent, delivering progressive holistic health care options to achieve optimal results.

Using a patient centred approach to health, pain management, stress, anxiety, recovery from accident, injury and trauma; all treatments are adapted and refined to create an individual, comprehensive approach to supporting emotional, structural, hormonal, lymphatic and circulatory complaints using the appropriate strengths of each therapy.

With 8 years experience working in the Ashford Kent area and a masters degree in osteopathy, treatments are professional, highly skilled, deeply relaxing and effective. Emily has a range of specialist skills in women's health, fertility, pregnancy and postnatal complaints with an additional focus on sports performance, rehab and injury also available using osteopathy for Kent based patients. See our reviews and testimonials.

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Womens health, fertility & pregnancy treatments - Ashford Kent

Gentle, non invasive treatments are available using reflexology, osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, fertility massage, pregnancy massage and homeopathy either individually or in combination to encourage and facilitate reproductive health, fertility, pregnancy, labour and postnatal recovery. (Photo features one of our lovely patients following the birth of her second daughter).

Focussed treatments like Fertility massage, Fertility and conception focused reflexology and Homeopathy can be helpful in treating complaints such as unexplained infertility, delayed conception, PCOS, endometriosis, irregular or absent cycles, painful periods, sub fertility, the effects of miscarriage, urine infections, symptoms associated with the menopause and general hormonal imbalance. maternity and postnatal treatment give patients consistent support from the start of their pregnancy to delivery and postnatal care, as well as osteopathy and cranial osteopathy for their babies. If you have any questions about how best to support conception, fertility or pregnancy with reflexology, osteopathy and or homeopathy, please get in touch.

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Reflexology, homeopathy & osteopathy for babies and children - Ashford Kent

From new borns to teenagers, working as a homeopath, reflexologist, massage therapist, osteopath and cranial osteopath in Charing near Ashford in Kent, Emily can safely and effectively treat a large range of emotional and physical complaints. In addition to offering treatment as a reflexologist, Emily offers classes for parents to learn reflexology in Ashford Kent, available one to one or in groups.

Reflexology, Homeopathy and Osteopathy for babies and children are gentle, safe and effective forms of treatment from birth. Osteopathy and cranial osteopathy are frequently used to support babies after delivery to reduce the effects of compression and trauma during vaginal and Caesarean delivery as well as colic, latching difficulties, tongue tie, teething, flat spots from lying still (plagiocephaly) and poor sleep. Treatments from a qualified osteopath can also support growth related complaints such as headaches and facial pain following brace fittings, knee, shin back and pelvic pain commonly effecting teenagers.

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Sports, rehab and performance osteopath - Ashford Kent

Sport focused osteopathy targets fascia, soft tissue quality and joint function. Treatments encourage optimal performance, improve recovery time and reduce and prevent the rate of re-injury.

Due to the competitive and demanding nature of sports injuries are common; typical examples include strains and sprains, rotator cuff damage, knee, shoulder and hip complaints, local swelling, bruising and areas of muscular aches and pains.

With experience working with clubs in and around Ashford Kent as an osteopath, Emily is able to support athletic adults and children at all levels, within multiple disciplines including running, gymnastics, hockey, swimming and rugby. If you're in Kent and need an osteopath to support you or your team, get in touch.

Stress and anxiety

From our clinic in Charing near Ashford Kent, we work to treat a large number of stress and anxiety related complaints such as headaches, neck and shoulder pain, muscle aches, digestive disorders, difficulty focussing, poor sleep and low mood. As an osteopath, cranial osteopath, reflexologist and homeopath, Emily's bespoke approach and broad skill set means each patient can be supported emotionally, structurally and hormonally.

We happily accommodate patients bringing a chaperone, their partner, babies and or children to their appointments as well as those who need to breast or bottle feed during treatments so that your visits are always as relaxed as possible. (Baby Ivy demonstrating beautifully how relaxing it can be in our clinic)

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Covid 19 safety measures for our clinic in Charing, Ashford Kent

Together with our usual hygiene measures, all treatments are provided while wearing appropriate PPE in adherence with government and the General Osteopathic Council guidelines. Patients are not required to wear face masks for their appointments but are welcome to do so and can be provided with single use masks if requested.

Homeopath, reflexologist & osteopath - Ashford Kent

Serving patients in and around Charing and Ashford Kent with osteopathy, cranial osteopathy, fertility massage, pregnancy massage, reflexology and homeopathy, appointments are available Monday to Saturday between 8am and 7pm. To make a booking or to discuss which treatment Natural Holistic Balance can offer to best help you, please contact the clinic on 07805 475074 or email. It is possible to pay for your appointments online in advance of your treatment or, buy a gift voucher for someone special.

You can also follow us on Instagram @nhb_clinic for news, advice, offers, updates and snapshots of life as a reflexologist, massage therapist, homeopath, osteopath, cranial osteopath in Charing, Ashford Kent.

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