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17th December 2018 
Fertility, conception & reflexology #01

Fertility & assisted conception

Reflexology prior to conception or in the early stages of pregnancy can prove hugely beneficial for some women who are experiencing difficulties with conception. It can be used to aid balance and stimulation of hormone production to facilitate ovulation, conception and support foetal growth.

Reflexology also accommodates deep detoxification of the body, riding toxins and tensions, stimulates deep relaxation and lifts energy levels of expectant mothers.

Treatments can be very beneficial for both men and women trying to conceive, stimulating and supporting the body's hormonal and reproductive systems to promote and encourage optimum health and wellbeing to aid conception. Conditions such as Amenorrhea(the absence of periods), irregular periods or erratic ovulation are can also be successfully targeted using reflexology. Whilst limited scientific research has been conducted to confirm the effectiveness of reflexology to overcome fertility issues however, anecdotal evidence based on feedback from practicing reflexologists suggests that around 50% of clients using reflexology find themselves pregnant within 6 months of commencing reflexology treatments.

Fertility, conception & reflexology #02

Benefits for couples trying to conceive

Reflexology is by no means a cure for infertility however it has had very encouraging, positive results helping those with problems conceiving. Stress can be a hugely detrimental factor for those hoping to conceive. It can seriously affect the production of vital hormones; impaire digestion, metabolism and mental function, weaken the immune system; interfere with healthy endocrine function contributing to conditions such as heightened Menopause, Sub Fertility, delaying or even Prevent Ovulation, Thyroid and Ovarian imbalances such as PCOS, Fibroids & Endometriosis.

It is very common for a couples moods and stress levels to fluctuate with the inevitable concern, frustration, apprehension and anticipation often experienced when trying to conceive. Receiving reflexology treatments from a professional reflexologist can dramatically reduce stress levels and improve mood and emotional balance. When the body is in balance, its system perform at their best, enhancing conditions for conception. Small changes to a couples overall sense of wellbeing, stress levels, lifestyle and diet can have a hugely positive impact for those trying to conceive. Reflexology can help clients to become more aware to their health and support positive life choices such as cutting out alcohol, smoking and choosing a more balanced diet to best support new life and conception.

The Daily Mail printed an interesting article regarding the effects of reflexology for those trying to conceive. Could reflexology be the answer to infertility?

Fertility, conception & reflexology #03

Reflexology and IVF

Reflexology is fully suitable for most clients already receiving IVF or other fertility treatments, such as Clomid, IUI or ICSI, further supporting the changes in the body stimulated by the medication.

Fertility treatment can be a difficult, emotionally draining and conflicted experience. Reflexology can help reduce of feelings anxiety, improve sleep and provide a much needed opportunity for quiet reflection and a moment of calm, gentle release from life’s stresses and strains. Please see my Fees page for costs.