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26th June 2016 
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Kent Massage therapist, Reflexologist and Homeopath

I am a fully qualified massage therapist and reflexologist for Ashford and Tenterden Kent and the surrounding areas including Biddenden, Cranbrook, High Halden and bethersden.

I provide excellent Reflexology and Massage for clients who want both value and quality. As a full member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, I offer professional, highly skilled, deeply relaxing and effective treatments, specialising in Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD), Abdominal sacral fertility massage, Fertility and conception reflexology, Maternity reflexology, Pregnancy massage and natural labour induction reflexology.

I additionally offer Homeopathy in Tenterden within a student capacity as part of my degree, with the full support and supervision of qualified and established homeopaths. See what some of my clients have to say their treatments on my testimonials page or for more information, to make a booking or to discuss how I can help you, please contact me on 07805 475074 or email me.


Massage therapy - stress and muscular tension

As a professional, Kent based massage therapist, I offer full body, Abdominal digestive massage and or back, neck and shoulder Massage using carefully refined and developed techniques to address a great number of conditions including stress, anxiety and associated illnesses such as migraines, insomnia, IBS, acid reflux, poor digestion, muscular tension and Premenstrual symptoms. One hours massage is suggested to be the equivalent of 7 - 8 hours sleep for the body, giving clients the chance to maximise the benefits for mind and body. Combined treatments incorporating other therapies such as reflexology and Abdominal sacral fertility massage are also available for the ultimate in relaxation and targeting the full body.

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Fertility massage and reflexology

I offer a range of treatments specifically developed to encourage and facilitate women in their individual journey to motherhood and during pregnancy. For couples experiencing difficulty with conception or who are undergoing fertility treatment such as IVF, Sacral fertility massage and fertility reflexology can prove invaluable. Having obtained post graduate qualification in Fertility and conception treatments, I have been a practising fertility and maternity reflexologist for over four years and regularly use my skills in fertility massage in Tenterden and Ashford Kent to assist women with a range of issues. In addition to fertility reflexology, I also offer Sacral fertility massage, a gentle, non invasive option for couples hoping to optimise their reproductive health and help cleanse their body to better accommodate conception and healthy pregnancy.


Pregnancy reflexology and pregnancy massage Ashford and Tenterden Kent

As a maternity reflexologist covering Tenterden and Ashford, I am able to support my clients' comfort and health during pregnancy, often working specifically to elevate common discomforts experienced during pregnancy such as water retention as well as encourage natural and less intense labour in the later stages by using key Maternity reflexology skills as well as working to avoid the need for medical induction using specific techniques to stimulate natural labour. For comfort in the later stages of pregnancy or for those who would rather, I offer home visits for clients needing a reflexologist during their pregnancy in Ashford and Tenterden Kent or nearby for prenatal or natural labour induction reflexology.

In addition to pregnancy massage and reflexology, I also offer Pregnancy massage from my home clinic in Tenterden Kent, which can also prove extremely effective in relieving common maternity ailments and discomfort. Maternity treatments are deeply relaxing and uplifting, always delivered with the upmost respect and retaining the modesty and comfort of my clients. Massages are available from 14 weeks at my home clinic in Biddenden Kent. Postnatal treatments are often over looked with the emphasis on conception and pregnancy. Post delivery, holistic therapies can offer gentle, specific treatment to restore both hormonal and physical balance. For more information about the full benefits of Sacral fertility massage and Fertility and conception treatments or Maternity reflexology, please explore my website further or contact me directly on 07805 475074 or

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Did you know, as an FHT member, my treatments are covered by most private health insurance policies? Many patients claim for their treatments making more regular, deep acting and long lasting balance more affordable.

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Emily Smith - Homeopath, massage therapist, reflexologist, assisted conception and fertility treatments Ashford, Tenterden Kent